It's our 50th episode!! We can hardly believe it ourselves. And we fully intend on doing at least 50 more. More like 500.

*** This episode is a bit longer than usual because we spend a little time reflecting on our first 50 episodes and what surprised us the most on our journey. Enjoy!

Batman, directed by Tim Burton, was released in 1989 and marks the beginning of the Batmans on the silver screen. (Though the TV show in the 60s is the first appearance on film!) It's iconic score, by Danny Elfman, and soundtrack, by Prince, as well as performances by Michael Keaton and our main man Jack Nicholson catipulted this film into infamy. Even we've seen it.

But just because we've seen it before doesn't mean there wasn't a lot more to learn about this film. We have some surprising trivia in this episode and, of course, it's BATMAN. Come join us and tell us about your favorite Batman!
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